About Us

advisingASSA offers a variety of support services to meet the unique needs of the student-athlete population at UCF. More than 45% of UCF student-athletes receive one-on-one academic mentoring on a weekly basis, including all new student-athletes to the university. Tutoring is available in more than 75 courses for all student-athletes five nights a week. Over 50 computers are available for use in one of three monitored study areas reserved specifically for student-athletes. In addition, student-athletes may receive academic accommodations when traveling for competition. A learning specialist is also on staff to work closely with students diagnosed with learning disabilities and help ease their transitional needs.

Mission Statement

ASSA provides a structured academic support program, focused on integrity and accountability, to guide our student-athletes on their chosen journey for excellence. Our most important pursuit is inspiring the quest for academic excellence of our student-athletes. Our professional staff partners with the UCF community to support our student-athletes with the transformation from high school to college graduate, by providing an environment that fosters and celebrates learning.



  • Over 75 subjects tutored
  • Intensive interview process for all tutors hired
  • Tutoring available six days a week (Sunday-Friday)
  • CRLA Certified Tutors and Program
  • Available to students of all ability levels


  • All mentors are senior level status or graduate students
  • One-on-one weekly meetings to work on Time Management, Organizational Skills, Goal Setting, and Study Skills
  • Mentors go through rigorous training in ASSA and NCAA policies
  • The Mentor Program within ASSA is CRLA Certified

Study Hall

  • Monitored Environment
  • Mandatory for assigned students in one of three formats
    • TEAM: Entire team meets at a schedule time each week
    • HOURS: Required number of hours to do in ASSA monitored environment
    • OBJECTIVE BASED: Students complete daily objectives for each course.