Learning Assistants

The purpose of the Learning Assistant Program (LAP) is to provide academic support to new and at-risk student-athletes through one-on-one peer LA meetings and structured study hall sessions. Through this service, student-athletes are provided the opportunity to gain guidance in managing their hectic schedules as well as developing effective academic habits and learning strategies based on their individual needs. The ultimate goal is to teach the skills required for student-athletes to effectively function independently in the college environment.

Currently learning assistants are available six days a week. Learning assistants are responsible for assisting with the academic wellbeing of their assigned student-athletes and working directly with the ASSA academic success coaches.

Learning assistant facilities include individual study rooms (each equipped with computers), three study hall spaces with over 50 computers, and other monitored study areas for all of our student-athletes. If you have any additional questions about learning assistants or services ASSA offers, please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a Learning Assistant, you can apply here.