How to Become a Tutor

Tutor Credentials

  • Overall GPA must be a minimum of a 3.0. and must have received a B or higher in the courses you are interested in tutoring (preference is given to those with 60 credit hours or more) and at least sophomore status.
  • Resident Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants are limited in the amount of hours they can work weekly. Your status will be determined on an individual basis.

Job Summary

Tutors provide instructional support in various academic areas for student athletes.

General Responsibilities

  • Assist student athletes in understanding course material while promoting independent learning during tutor sessions.
  • Report to all tutoring sessions on time and ready to work.
  • Prepare and submit accurate tutor report forms in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge in academic content area.
  • Become familiar with and follow ASSA policies and rules set forth in the ASSA tutor manual.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality regarding student athletes.
  • Work with the ASSA staff to ensure success of the student.
  • Additional duties assigned by the Academic Services Advisor.
  • Attend all required and mandatory meeting and training sessions


Tutors are paid for their scheduled tutoring time, attending tutor training sessions, attending tutorial staff meetings and for participation in other various ASSA activities. The pay rate is $12.00.

Still interested? Please fill out the application form below. You will be contacted by a member of our staff via email if you are considered for a tutoring position.

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